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Come Worship With Us
(651) 224-0341


Reverend Dr. Ronald Bell, Jr. Pastor


Camphor Memorial United Methodist Church offers a 10:00 am Sunday morning worship service.  From
the traditional to the contemporary, from the intimate to the grand, the 10:00 am Sunday morning worship
is in an atmosphere you will find most appealing.  Whether the sermon is delivered from among the people
or from the pulpit, whether the music is delivered by piano, band, choir or acappella, you will find the
service at Camphor Memorial allows you the opportunity for prayer, meditation, singing, participation and

hearing God‘s word. 

Camphor Memorial does not have a dress code; some like to dress in their “Sunday Best” while others
prefer to be more casual. We believe that the important part is showing up.

Holy Communion is observed on the First Sunday of every month and all are welcome to partake of the
Holy Sacrament.  


Come and Join Us